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Our company, SkatingSafe, Inc. was formed in 1990 with only a single product, GUMS™ Lace Bite blister protectors that were marketed exclusively to professional hockey teams. These remained our primary market until we attended the 1998 United States Figure Skating Association National Championship in Philadelphia and saw that there was a serious need for better blister and fall protection for the skating community.

We discovered that the blister protection for inside new boots were either very expensive, ineffective or both, and the fall protection pads that were available to protect ice skaters were bulky, restricted free movement, and needed to be replaced often.  So we began our work on meeting these needs!

By the Fall of 1998, our research had found a hypoallergenic polymer gel that was effective, durable and less expensive than those that were currently available. The first Clear Clouds™ gel pads were released in January 1999 shortly followed by the first Fall Protection pads, UltraCrash Impact Absorbers™ , in June 1999; satisfying skaters’ requests of effective, thin, light weight and unobtrusive crash pads.

The second generation of UltraCrash pads were introduced in 2001, offering ultimate impact absorption and a more anatomically correct shape.  These are now available in hip, knee, spine, glove and elbow pad versions and are fast becoming the most popular form of Ice skating pads for fall protection available to competitive Ice figure skaters.

Important Notice

We are continuing our quest to address protection from pressure and impact related soft tissue injuries that figure skaters should not have to endure, if you have a suggestion on how we can expand and improve our line please contact us.

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